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Restaurant Food Service

sensorProbe, sensorProbe+ & securityProbe Base Units and Smart Sensors for

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor temperature conditions of walk in coolers, freezers and other food storage areas to maintain proper food safety standards.

Cooler Storage Monitoring

Custom Reporting

Hourly, daily, and monthly data logging of temperature and humidity conditions for use in operations planning and food safety audits.

Freezer Storage Monitoring

Alert Notifications

Immediate alerts if the temperatures exceed a desired range or if there is a leakage of any kind, with physical alerts, email and SMS* text messages.

Food Storage Temperature Monitoring

In the Restaurant and Food Services Industry, maintaining proper food storage temperatures is paramount for preserving perishable items. This includes walk-in freezers, coolers, and various areas within restaurants or storage warehouses.

To adhere to the highest standards for food safety and anticipate future government mandates, AKCP has developed comprehensive solutions. These address strict food safety requirements to safeguard perishable products and, more importantly, ensure the well-being of patrons.

Our extensive range of temperature monitoring and water leak detection sensors is designed for deployment in kitchens, walk-in coolers, freezers, and other environmentally sensitive areas.

These sensors seamlessly connect to Enviromon’s base units, incorporating specially developed software. This allows restaurant managers and owners centralized access and oversight of operating temperatures and equipment status.

Users can monitor different locations from anywhere with an internet connection, accessible via any web browser, including smartphones and tablets.

Crucially, our AKCP Environmental Monitoring Solution provides alerts via email and/or SMS when pre-set environmental conditions are exceeded. This includes instances where temperatures surpass the desired range or if there is any form of leakage, ensuring proactive management of freezer storage monitoring and cold storage monitoring.

For inquiries or quotes regarding temperature monitoring solutions, please contact us, and our team will be happy to assist you.

Explore our sensorProbe+ and securityProbe monitoring systems in a live real-world environment.

Restaurant Food Service

SensorProbe, SensorProbe+ & SecurityProbe Base Units and Smart Sensors for Restaurants and Food Service

See below for our most popular configurations for walk-in coolers and cold storage temperature monitoring
or click here to view all of our Base Units and Smart Sensors.

Environment Monitoring System For Server Room

SensorProbe2+ | SP2+

• Virtual Sensors
• IP based, including SNMPv3 (optional license), HTTPS, VPN
• Supports 4 Intelligent Sensors or up to 20 Dry Contacts

sensorProbe 4 Port Base Unit

SensorProbeX+ | SPX4+

• (4) Smart Sensor Inputs
• Equipped with Ethernet, Modbus RS485, EXP and BEB communications
• Notification by SNMP, Email, SMS (optional modem required)

Liquid Detection Smart Sensors

• Quick and simple set-up and configuration
• Receive email and SMS alert notifications
• Supports SNMP polling
• No calibration required

Server Room Temperature

SensorProbeX+ | SPX8+

• (8) Smart Sensor Inputs
• Equipped with Ethernet, Modbus RS485, EXP and BEB communications
• Up to 80 virtual sensors (Delete this as it will be confusing)

Environmental Monitoring Server Room

Smoke Detection Smart Sensors

• Detects the presence of smoke
• LED indicator visually indicates alarm status.
• Receive email and SMS alert notifications
• Supports SNMP polling

Central Management Software Solution

By connecting your sensorProbe, sensorProbe+ & securityProbe base unit to the AKCPro Central Monitoring & Management software, customers have the ability to manage base units and sensors from multiple sites or facilities.

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