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Not only is it important to monitor traffic patterns in your network, and the environmental factors of your network infrastructure to prevent downtime and issues. Monitoring the physical security of your critical assets can ensure that unauthorized access is not able to occur that could jeopardize mission-critical systems and data.

Enviromon’s SecurityHawk and smart sensors can provide 24hr monitoring and activity logging for server room security with email and SMS alerts.

Security Cameras

IP cameras can be used in conjunction with peripheral sensors such as motion detection or door contact sensors, to send picture logs and video via e-mail, FTP, or SMS.

Enviromon provides two types of security cameras; fixed camera and pan tilt dome camera for your server room security needs. Both cameras are high-quality Sony CCD cameras and are able to provide live full-color streaming video via the SecurityHawk web interface

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Motion Detection Smart Sensors

Motion detection sensors can be configured to automatically record date and time of motion events, or used to trigger additional systems such as lights, security cameras, or alarms for unauthorized access. Enviromon’s motion detection smart sensor can be mounted to a wall or ceiling to detect movement.

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Door Contact Sensors

Door sensors can be configured to trigger peripheral modules such as alarms, lights, or security cameras for preconfigured times or conditions, such as after working hours.

Enviromon’s door & security smart sensor act as a magnetic on / off switch, that closes when one half of the sensor is in close proximity to its mate. It is designed to be mounted on doors or windows. When the two sensor pairs are moved apart from each other they open and the base unit senses this opening and closure, and reports the date and time.

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Server Room Security Alerts

Using the web interface alerts can be defined for any connected sensor conditions with scalable thresholds and notifications to key personnel who can receive alerts via email, windows pop-up, 

Connected sensors are automatically recognized by the base unit, and the easy to use notification wizard guides you through the process of setting sensor thresholds and defining alert notifications.

Remote Access and SMS Alerts

Integration with Enviromon’s CloudHawk cloud service extends the capability of the base unit by providing remote access to sensor data from anywhere and the ability to monitor and manage multiple base units located in separate facilities from one centralized platform.

CloudHawk’s secure web interface is capable of being viewed from any web enabled device such as smartphones, tablets and laptops and also provides the ability to send alerts via SMS.

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