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Greenhouse with Precise Temperature Monitoring

In the realm of greenhouse management, maintaining precise temperature control is paramount. Whether you’re cultivating delicate plants or overseeing a large-scale operation, the ability to monitor and control temperature fluctuations can significantly impact your business’s success. That’s where Enviromon comes in. As your trusted partner for AKCP Temperature Monitoring Sensors, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to safeguard your assets and operations.

Temperature fluctuations can profoundly affect plant growth and health

Why Temperature Monitoring is Essential

Greenhouse owners and managers recognize the importance of maintaining optimal temperature levels. Temperature fluctuations can profoundly affect plant growth and health, as well as the overall efficiency of your operation. With AKCP Temperature Monitoring sensors from Enviromon, you can rest assured that your greenhouse is under constant surveillance, with any deviations from the set parameters immediately detected and reported.

The Enviromon Advantage

Enviromon stands out as the go-to store for AKCP Temperature Monitoring sensors for several reasons:

  • Comprehensive Range of Sensors: Enviromon provides an extensive selection of AKCP Temperature Monitoring sensors, ensuring that you find the right solution for your specific needs. Whether you’re monitoring a small greenhouse or a large-scale operation, we have the perfect sensors for you.
  • Expert Guidance: Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the right sensors for your greenhouse. We understand that every greenhouse is unique, and we provide personalized recommendations based on your specific requirements and industry standards.
  • Online Accessibility: Enviromon’s user-friendly online platform allows you to browse and purchase AKCP Temperature Monitoring devices with ease. Our online store provides a hassle-free shopping experience, so you can quickly access the tools you need to protect your greenhouse.
  • Proactive Monitoring: AKCP’s Temperature Monitoring sensors provide real-time data and immediate alerts, enabling you to respond swiftly to any temperature fluctuations. This proactive approach helps you prevent potential issues before they escalate, ensuring the health and productivity of your plants.
  • Industry-Leading Quality: AKCP is renowned for its high-quality Temperature Monitoring devices, and Enviromon is committed to delivering genuine, reliable products to our customers. You can trust that our sensors meet the highest industry standards for accuracy and performance.

SNMP Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Temperature fluctuations can profoundly affect plant growth and health

Remote Monitoring with the AKCP Temperature Sensor. Ideal for Data Center monitoring, or anytime a temperature sensor is needed. Network enabled SNMP temperature sensor.

Designed to record accurate temperature sensor data it is ideal for giving advanced warning of temperature fluctuations that can potentially damage sensitive equipment

The AKCP Temperature Sensor is compatible w/ sensorProbesensorProbe+ and securityProbe platforms.

  • 2 variations available
  • Powered by the base unit

Added protection
The stainless steel tubing helps to protect the temperature sensor from everyday use in busy server room environments.

Water resistant sensor housing
The stainless steel tube reduces the risk of sensor failures caused by water damage. A waterproof version is available with a choice of metal tube lengths.

Easier to install
Temperature sensors ship with cables and temperature sensor clips for easy installation in server cabinets.

Reduced complexity
AKCP can provide custom length cables suitable for any installation. Ask our sales team about custom sensor cables today!

The AKCP temperature sensor is compatible with all of our sensorProbe and securityProbe series base units. Designed to record accurate temperature data it is ideal for giving advanced warning of temperature fluctuations that can potentially damage sensitive equipment. This advance notification can protect your data and systems from catastrophic events.

  • Semiconductor, microprocessor controlled type temperature sensor
  • Can be extended up to 1,000ft with standard CAT5 cable
  • Own SNMP OID for data collection over a network
  • 0.5ºC resolution

Setup is simple with the sensorProbe and securityProbe autosense function. Once plugged into the intelligent sensor port the base unit automatically detects the sensors presence and configures it for you. All you need to do is set your thresholds for low and high warning and critical parameters. The built in graphing function of the base unit gives you a pattern of temperature trends over time.

For those who require an industrial strength temperature sensor for extremes of high or low temperatures, we recommend the AKCP Thermocouple sensor.

Ready to Get Started?

Explore our range of AKCP Environmental Monitoring sensors and request a quote using our configurator tool or contact us. With Enviromon by your side, you can ensure the success of your greenhouse for years to come.