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Get reliable 24/7 automated monitoring and alerting with Cloud Hawk Remote Monitoring Software.

Each base unit has it’s own embedded monitoring software and is accessible through it’s own web interface means there is no software to install on your PC. Setup is very simple, once the IP address is configured to match your network, all features and settings are accessible through the web interface which is available in several languages.

WIth the addition of our CloudHawk Remote Monitoring System you can view real-time environmental conditions and be notified of issues from multiple sensors and base units in one centralized dashboard using your smartphone, tablet or PC through our secure web portal (or other external monitoring solutions using SNMP, such as Nagios)


Our temperature monitoring software and sensor provide low-cost, low-maintenance 24/7 monitoring and automated alerts sent you by email or SMS*.

If you are looking for a reliable low-involvement temperature monitoring software with data logging, graphing and automated alerts; our base units and smart sensors can provide the perfect solution for you:

  • Centralized Dashboard: All base units include internal software which collects and graphs historical data for use in monitoring, reporting, and trend analysis.
  • Email Alert: Program for escalated emailing and multiple recipients.
  • Remote Monitoring and SMS Alert*: Access anywhere and get alerts sent to your smartphone using *CloudHawk Remote Monitoring Service.

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