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Temperature & Humidity Smart SensorAnswer: A smart sensor is a type of “intelligent” sensor that can process data it receives to eliminate errors and noise from results before sending to a centralized source for collection.

Smart Sensors differ from other types of sensors, as smart sensor use built-in computing resources to perform certain functions when it detects environmental inputs (such as temperature, humidity, liquid detection, absence of electrical current, etc.). Smart sensors use built-in computing resources to filter out unwanted noise and compensate for errors before sending the data to a centralized platform where it can be collected and graphically displayed.

Enviromon Smart Sensors

Protect your environmentally sensitive assets with our environmental monitoring systems. We have a wide range of ethernet smart sensors to help protect and alert you when environmental conditions threaten your assets, such as: temperature, humidity, liquid detection, power outages, and more. See our complete list of environmental smart sensors here.

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