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Winter has finally broken and spring is now finally here, but before you start day dreaming of vacation days and weekends in the sun, you should make sure your critical business assets are protected.

The NOAA is predicting the transition to summer will come with more storms, flooding and tornadoes than usual this spring, and higher than normal temperatures across much of the United States and Canada this summer.

The increase in these natural events can spell bad news for your business if you are not prepared.

To help you prepare for this year of predictably unpredictable weather we have put together these useful tips you can use to protect your servers, network infrastructure and most importantly your business from avoidable disasters.

Expect More Severe Storms and Flooding across the US.

This year has already seen its share of severe storms and flooding in US with the most recent storms causing major flooding in cities across the southwestern states on April 26.

With this increase in the chances and the severity of these storms, there is also a higher chance your business may experience flooding this year (even if you haven’t before).

Learn the Best Practices to Detect Water Leaks and Flooding

Prepare for Higher Than Normal Temperatures in May and June.

If flooding is not enough to worry about, warmer than usual temperatures are expected early this year. For many companies, their HVAC system is controlled by the facility and if they fail to keep with the cooling demands there is good chance that your server room is going to get hotter than expected and risk overheating.

Learn 8 Quick Tips you can use to help keep your Server Room Cool

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