Isolated DC Voltage Sensor With 5ft Cable

Isolated DC Voltage Sensor With 5ft Cable


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Isolated DC Voltage Sensor

Engineered for OEMs and engineers, the Isolated Digital Voltmeter serves as a versatile tool for crafting customized data collection systems. This Digital Voltmeter boasts a comprehensive set of functionalities, encompassing SNMP integration, email alerts, and trap generation based on user-defined limits and thresholds.

Operating seamlessly with the base unit, this sensor is powered for efficient performance. For additional information, access datasheets and media resources in the IDCV Datasheet download.

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Isolated DC Voltage Sensor

The Enhanced Isolated Digital Voltmeter empowers users to seamlessly integrate a personalized sensor into their sensorProbe or securityProbe systems while preserving the full array of standard sensor features. This versatile Digital Voltmeter maintains comprehensive functionality, including SNMP integration, email notifications, and trap generation based on user-defined limits and thresholds.

Our customers have successfully incorporated pressure transducers, solar power monitors, battery monitors, and seamlessly integrated the sensorProbe and securityProbe into laboratory test equipment, showcasing the diverse applications of this advanced tool.

Tailored for OEMs and engineers, the Isolated Digital Voltmeter serves as the foundation for creating customized data collection systems. Users can input DC voltage within a range of -60 to 0 volts or 0 to 60 volts, with sensors delivering real-time data from the surrounding environment.

Now featuring an isolated ground for enhanced safety and protection against overvoltages and shorts, the Digital Voltmeter provides readings in both absolute values and as a percentage of full scale. Users can programmably set the full scale, adjusting both base and top voltages within the range of -60 to 0 or 0 to 60 volts.

In response to user feedback, the web interface of the Isolated Digital Voltmeter has undergone a redesign for simplicity when used with external sensors. Measurement units for entities can be personalized with any text (e.g., Lbs for pressure measurements). All numeric values are now presented in decimal point format, allowing precise threshold settings such as 12.8 Volts or 75.7 Lbs, enhancing user convenience and accuracy.



Measuring Specifications
Voltage Input Selectable Voltage input :
± 0~60 VDC
± 0~5 VDC
with 0.001 V resolution and 1% FS accuracy
Status Indication LED indication for power
LED indication for status
LED indication for ovevoltage
Input Impedance  1.6 MOhm when set at the high scale ( 60 Volt maximum ) and 1.1 MOhm when set at the low scale (5 volt maximum)
Isolation Voltage  1600 VDC
Inputs 2 pin phoenix connector for Voltage measurement
Voltage range input selector switch
Components Manufactured using highly integrated, low power surface mount technology to ensure long term reliability.
Operating Environment Temperature : Min. -35° C – Max.80° C
Humidity: Min. 20% – Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)
Communications cable  RJ-45 jack to sensor using UTP CAT5e/6 cable
Power source Powered by the controller unit. No additional power needed
Power Consumption Typical xx mWatt, xx mA
Maximum Cable Length  The iSolated DC Voltage sensor can be extended from the RJ-45 Intelligent Sensor ports on the base units up to 60 feet, or 18 meters using standard CAT5/6 LAN cable
Dimensions 65(W) x 62(H) x 15(D) mm
Mounting DIN rail mounting
Screw mounting
Sensor count 1


The Isolation feature empowers precise measurements at any juncture within a system, enabling the identification and resolution of issues such as assessing battery voltages in a battery string.

Seamlessly integrate third-party sensors, including pressure transducers, solar power monitors, battery monitors, and laboratory test equipment, into the sensorProbe or securityProbe base units.

Benefit from straightforward setup and installation, accessible through a web browser interface. Create personalized data collection systems effortlessly, all powered by the securityProbe with no additional power requirements.

Customize the unit of measurement for entities, allowing flexibility such as using “Lbs” for pressure measurements. Utilize the advanced alert capabilities of the securityProbe or AKCPro Server based on user-defined thresholds.

Efficiently send SNMP traps and email alerts from sensorProbe units when thresholds are breached, with SNMP interfaces for alarm/normal status. SNMP traps are dispatched upon status changes, and SNMP polling via get is available.

In the event of an activated alarm condition, receive detailed fault descriptions and location information via email for prompt action and resolution.

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