Power Monitoring Sensor – 100A 230/400V 50Hz 3ph meter (four wire)

Power Monitoring Sensor – 100A 230/400V 50Hz 3ph meter (four wire)


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Power Monitoring Sensor

Remotely monitor power, eliminating the need for manual power audits as well as providing immediate alerts to potential problems. The Power Monitoring Sensor is compatible with securityProbe and sensorProbe+ (SP2+, SPX+) base units, connecting to the Modbus port of those devices. Product Codes :-
PMS220HC3P (230/400V 50Hz 3ph)
PMS230HCS (230V 50hz 1ph)
PMS110HCS (100V 60Hz 1ph)

PMS230-CT50 (230/400V 50Hz CT meter)
PMS120-CT50 (120/208V 60Hz CT meter)
PMS277-CT60 (277/480V 60Hz CT meter)

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The AKCP Power Monitor Sensor gives vital information and allows you to remotely monitor power eliminating the need for manual power audits as well as providing immediate alerts to potential problems. The AKCP Power Monitor Sensor is specifically designed to be used with AKCP’s sensorProbe+ and securityProbe base units. It has been integrated into the sensorProbe+ and securityProbe’s web interface with its own “Power Management” menu, allowing multiple three-phase and single phase Power Monitor Sensors to be set up on a single sensorProbe+ or securityProbe depending on which readings are required. Please check the sensorProbe+ Modbus manual or the PMS manuals on our website for more detailed information on this. Power meter readings can also be used with the sensorProbe+ and AKCPro Server live PUE calculations that analyze the efficiency of power usage in your data center. Data collected over time using the Power Monitor sensor can also be viewed using the built in graphing tool. Combining this durable Power Monitor Sensor with the sensorProbe+ and securityProbe creates an IP-enabled power monitoring capable of monitoring / measuring :

  • Phase Line Voltages
  • Current
  • Power Factor
  • Active Energy
  • Active Power

This four-wire sensor is encased in sturdy white plastic and mounts on a 35mm DIN rail. Order it for 110 or 220 power supplies. It functions with single- or three-phase circuits, and meets international standards for active and reactive energy – IEC 62053-21 and IEC 62053-23, respectively. Note: Installation should be performed by licensed electricians familiar with applicable codes and regulations.



Single Phase Meter Three Phase Meter Three Phase Meter – CT Type
Rated Voltage (Un) 230 VAC 230/400V AC (3~) 230/400V AC (3~)
Voltage range 0.7~1.3Un 161/279 – 300/520V AC (3~) 161/279 – 300/520V AC (3~)
Basic current (lb) 10A 10A 1.5A
Maximum current 100A 100A 6A
Operational Current Range 0.4% Ib- lmax 0.4% Ib- lmax 0.4% Ib- lmax
Over Current Withstand 30Imax for 0.01s 30Imax for 0.01s 30Imax for 0.01s
Internal Power Consumption ≤2W / 10VA ≤2W / 10VA per phase ≤2W / 10VA per phase
Frequency(Hz) 50~60Hz ±10% 50Hz ±10% 50Hz ±10%
Standards IEC 62053-21 IEC 62053-21 IEC 62053-21
Temperature range(°C)
Operating Temperature -10°C – +50°C -10°C – +50°C -10°C – +50°C
Operating Humidity ≤ 75% ≤ 75% ≤ 75%
Accuracy Class
Voltage ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5%
Amps ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5%
Frequency (Hz) ±0.2% ±0.2% ±0.2%
Type RS485 RS485 RS485
Standard Modbus Modbus Modbus
Dimensions(L*W*H) (cm)
Height 100 mm 130 mm 130 mm
Width 76 mm 126 mm 126 mm
Depth 65.5 mm 65 mm 65 mm
Max Diameter Cable 11.5 mm
Weight 0.35 Kg 0.7 Kg (net) 0.7 Kg (net)



Setting the modbus polling interval can be complex. If the polling interval is too fast and if there are many registers to poll and many PMS on the same modbus line there may not be enough time to complete all of the polling. If you have any questions please contact support and we will be happy to help you.

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