SP-WT External Battery Pack

SP-WT External Battery Pack


(6x AAA batteries not included)

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Generator Battery

Place the BATTMON sensor on your generator starter battery. Monitor the crank current from the starter motor, battery voltage and temperature, or monitor the alternator charge current, voltage and battery temperature. This can be used as a diagnostic tool to identify a battery that needs replacing or a problem with the alternator or starter motor. For example, a decreasing crank current may be a sign that the battery although still having sufficient voltage does not have enough power output to crank the engine, resulting in a failure to start situation.

Solar Panel System

Monitoring of your complete solar panel system from end to end is possible by deploying multiple BATTMON sensors.

Solar Panel Array
Monitor the voltage and current output from your panels. Identify if they are running at less than optimum efficiency, for example, if they are dirty and need cleaning.

Battery Stack
Monitor the output of voltage and current from the battery stack, as well as battery temperatures.

Charge Status
By comparing the battery current load and the solar panel charging load you can identify if your system is providing sufficient charging power, or if you are draining your batteries, and if so at what rate they are being consumed.




Mounting DIN rail mounting, Screw mounting
Power Input Voltage and Current ratings :

Voltage: 0~60VDC (3 configurable ranges: 0~15V, 0~30V or 0~60V)
Current: external CT, + 50A (standard), + 100A, + 200A, + 400A, + 500A, + 600A, + 800A, + 1000A, + 1500A

Power Metering Voltage (V) : +/-0.05% Full-Scale, error +/-0.05% Full-Scale
Current (A) : +/-0.05% Full-Scale, error +/-0.05% Full-Scale
Temperature Drift : +/-0.02%/°C
Temperature Monitoring Temperature sensor with 1 meter cable range -40°C to 75°C
Status Indication LED indication for power, LED indication for input presence
Operating Environment Temparature : Min. – 35°C – Max.80°C
Humidity : Min.20% – Max.80% (Non-Condensing)
Inputs 1x sensor RJ45 Port

Hardwired with following plugs :
– Phoenix connector for voltage
– Phoenix connector for temperature
– Phoenix connector for external current transformer

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