5 Dry Contact Inputs

5 Dry Contact Inputs


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5 Dry Contact Inputs (SP2 / SP2+ Only)

Add 5 dry contacts per RJ45 port on the SP2 and SP2+

These dry contact ports can be used to monitor any dry contact inputs through an RJ45 sensor port. Have up to 10 dry contacts on an SP2 and 20 on an SP2+. The sensor requires the 10 dry contact unlock license for the SP2. On the SP2+ 5 dry contact licenses are sold on a per-port basis. The dry contacts on the 5DCS are input only, if you require I/O on a sensor port, use the single dry contact cable (DCS15).

  • Powered by the base unit

Additional information



Measurement Range Alarm or Normal
Sensor Type Open / Closed contact switch (input only)
Contact voltage range 5 volts pulled-up dry contacts*
Measurement Rate Multiple readings every second
Normal input state is settable under software
Communications Cable RJ-45 jack to sensor using UTP Cat 5 wire
Communications Cable Max. length 1000Ft (305m) with approved low capacitance shielded cable or UTP
Power Source Powered by the controller unit. No additional power needed
Dimensions 56 x 55 x 33.3 mm
Mounting DIN rail mounting
Screw mounting
Up to 5 dry contact inputs per RJ-45
– making up to 10 Dry Contact Inputs in sensorProbe2
– making up to 20 Dry Contact Inputs in sensorProbe2+
Important Note Dry Contacts are not isolated, don’t connect any voltage source
Sensor count 5

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