Daisy-Chainable Temperature Sensor

Daisy-Chainable Temperature Sensor


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Daisychain Temperature Sensor

Up to 8 temperature sensors on one port

Utilize your AKCP base unit to its maximum potential by having multiple temperature sensor data points on one Intelligent sensor port.

  • Packages Available
  • Powered by the base unit

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Utilize your AKCP base unit to it’s maximum potential by having multiple temperature sensor datapoints on one Intelligent sensor port. Up to a maximum of 8 sensors can be connected in one chain to a range of up to 500ft total length.

The daisyTemp sensor is compatible with securityProbe and sensorProbe+ series base units only. Designed to record accurate temperature data it is ideal for giving advanced warning of temperature fluctuations that can potentially damage sensitive equipment. This advance notification can protect your data and systems from catastrophic events.

  • Link a maximum of 8 temperature sensors in one chain
  • Up to 64 temperature points on a single securityProbe or up to 100 temperature points on a sensorProbeX+
  • Range from -55ºC to +75ºC with ±0.2°C accuracy
  • Each sensor in the chain has it’s own SNMP OID



Measurement Range -55°C to +75°C
-67°F to +167°F
Measurement Resolution sensorProbe+ series
0.1°C increments
0.2°F increments
securityProbe series
0.5ºC increments
0.9ºF increments
sensorProbe series
1ºC increments
1ºF increments
Measurement Accuracy sensorProbe+ series and securityProbe series
±0.5°C accuracy from -10°C to +75°C
±0.9°F accuracy from +14°F to +167°F
sensorProbe series
±1°C accuracy from -10°C to +75°C
±1°F accuracy from +14°F to +167°F
Communications cable RJ-45 jack to sensor using UTP CAT5e/6 cable
Power source Powered by the base units. No additional power needed
Power Consumption Typical 10 mWatt, 2 mA
Maximum Cable Length Up to 8 DCT sensors per sensor port.
Flexible sensor cable length using standard CAT5e cable (maximum 500 ft for the total daisy-chain)
Sensor type Semiconductor, microprocessor controlled
Dimensions 56 x 55 x 33.3 mm
Mounting DIN rail mounting
Screw mounting
Important Note We do not recommend you trying to connect any of our AKCP sensors though patch panels or using the RJ-45 couplers to extend them.
Please see the temperature sensors product manual or FAQ in our knowledge base for more details regarding this.
Sensor count Up to 8