Depth Pressure Sensor for tanks up to 15m*

Depth Pressure Sensor for tanks up to 15m*


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Thermocouple Sensor

The AKCP thermocouple is perfect for use in heavy industries, such as petrochemical and metal processing. With an ability to measure from -200ºC (-328ºF) up to 800ºC (1472ºF) it is also suited to those low temperatures found in cryogenics and medical applications.

  • Available in both J and K type thermocouple
  • For use with the J or K type thermocouple adapter
  • Works with securityProbe series only
  • Wide temperature range for use in a variety of industrial applications
  • Powered by securityProbe, no additional power necessary



Measurement Range K Type : -200°C to +900°C, -330°F to 1650°F,
J Type : -40°C to +750°C, -40°F to 1382°F
Measurement Resolution sensorProbe+ series, 0.1°C increments, 0.2°F increments, securityProbe series,
0.5ºC increments, 0.9ºF increments
Measurement Accuracy sensorProbe+ series and securityProbe series
±5°C, ±9°F
Communications cable RJ-45 jack to sensor using UTP CAT5e/6 cable
Plugs directly into the AKCP J or K type thermocouple adapter
Power source Powered by the base units. No additional power needed
Power Consumption Typical 7.80 mWatt, 1.56 mA
Maximum Cable Length Run length is 100 feet (30 meters) with approved low capacitance shielded cable or UTP
Dimensions 0.61m x 4.5mm (sheath diameter)
Sensor count 1



  • Plugs directly into the AKCP J or K type thermocouple adapter
  • RJ-45 connection for easy and simple installation
  • Full autosense including disconnect alarm
  • Power source: powered by the sensorProbe. No Additional power needed.
  • Power Consumption: Typical 7.80 mWatt, 1.56 mA

Sensor Types

K type thermocouple

The K type thermocouple is the most commonly found and used thermocouple type. The tip is made from a +ve electrode of chromel and a -ve electrode of alumel metal. It is less sensitive than the J type thermocouple but has a wider temperature range.

  • 200ºC to +900ºC

J type thermocouple

The J type thermocouple has a +ve electrode of Iron and a -ve electrode of constantan metal (a copper-nickle alloy). It has a lower range than the J type thermocouple but a higher sensitivity.

  • 200ºC to +750ºC

With the securityProbes autosense function the sensor is automatically detected and configured when plugged in. Setup is quick and easy, with the user only needing to setup the thresholds required for high and low warning/critical levels and any notifications required. This is simply done using securityProbes web based interface. No calibration is required.

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